COLURE True Color Care

Colorists now have a 'smart new take' on color-treated hair when it comes to care, wear, style that shines and color guaranteed not to fade between visits.

COLURE True Color Care isn't simply a pure and natural product system - it's a whole new culture and category for the discerning colorist tired of technologies that don't 'hold true' to lasting color-wear and shine. Today, the colorists' choice is clear for smart, luxury hair color care. Prepare the canvas first and preserve the original color you designed for that client.

The COLURE collection of hair color care and styling products is free of parabens, sulfates, alcohol, petrolatum and sodium chloride with no hydro-carbons, perfumes, dyes or irritants. COLURE's 'Color Longevity Formulation' uses advanced molecular nanotechnology to leave the integrity of the intended color fresh and fashion-rich with absolutely no fading.

True Color Care for all hair types

The first luxury color care system with a No Fade-Out Guarantee. The COLURE True Color Care System features a three-step approach to the care and style of color-treated hair.

Step One features two types of sulfate-free daily shampoos with extremely gentle cleansers that don't strip out color.

Step Two offers two types of daily conditioners with the perfect balance of superb vegetable proteins and moisturizers that lock in color every time.

Step Three offers complete protection against thermal styling, UV rays and free radicals. The COLURE styling products are designed to enhance the salon color take by easily breaking down during the color process into instant shine and condition.


Breakthrough Ingredient Technology

Using the latest Molecular Nano Technology we have created our own unique Color Longevity Formula that make Colure products truly high performance, luxurious and multifunctional.

Molecular Nano Technology is the latest scientific advancement in hair care affording COLURE to be the first company to...

Combined ingredients which were not previously possible and create truly multifunctional luxury color care

Create high performance ingredients one billionth of a gram in size which truly penetrate the Cortex to build beautiful, healthy and amazing color

Color Longevity Formula COLURE patented technology to lock in hair color every time and insure color will not fade between color service


Designed Truly Green and Pure

All products designed with certified organic botanicals, 100% Non-Toxic organic chemistry, 100% Vegan, 100% recyclable packaging, earth and people safe, no animal testing, no animal derived ingredients.

100% Non-Toxic organic chemistry means no sulfates, parabens, dyes, hyrdofluorocarbons, propanes, petrolatums, denatured alcohols, and butanes.